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franck muller replica watches is focusing on their history. The AVI Ref, a modern take on the cult-classic Top Time was introduced this year. The 765 1953 Re-edition, and the Superocean Heritage 1957 with rainbow dials. The Chronomat collection, which is a tribute to the '80s, is also impressive. franck muller replica watches's new Endurance Pro is a great example of how the company is not afraid to push the boundaries.

The Endurance Pro is what franck muller replica watches calls an athleisure timepiece. Given the current state of professional attire in this year where many people work from home, it's a perfect timing. Let's first talk about the sport part of the equation.

Jan Frodena, a franck muller replica watches Triathlon Squad athlete,franck muller replica watches was looking for a watch that would fit his high performance lifestyle. The Endurance Pro was the result. This watch is surprising light (though not unbearable), which is an obvious benefit for someone who regularly runs, swims, and rides long distances. franck muller replica watches achieved this featherweight look (the watch on the rubber strap weighs only 64.28 grams), by using two franck muller replica watches-specific materials: Breitlight, and thermo-compensated Quartz.

Breitlight was introduced by franck muller replica watches in 2016. It debuted on the Avenger Hurricane. The proprietary polymer is 5.8 times harder than steel and 3.3 times lighter. It's also not made of carbon composite, like many other similar-looking black stealth watches. franck muller replica watches has not revealed the composition of its lightweight material. However, it is happy to tout its many benefits. These include anti-magnetism and corrosion-resistance,Blancpain Replica Watches as well as hypoallergenic qualities. It's the perfect material to create a sports watch that isn't too expensive. This 44mm case is likely to look like new even after taking years of abuse on the track or field.